Mid-century Life Crisis

My mother had a flair for the traditional in home design and furniture choices. While I get nostalgic looking at family pics which include Early American furniture and patterns…I’m instinctively drawn to the simple and uncomplicated lines and graphic embellishments of modern styling. This includes but is not limited to Arts and Crafts, Danish Modern, American mid-century, and the present day modern Ikea phenomenon. Who doesn’t like lingonberry preserves with meatballs?!

I got my first apartment in 1986. It was a 1 bedroom with an open concept kitchen/living room. The bathroom was pink and I loved it. The bedroom had a large sliding window with a view of woodlands and hardwood floors. The walls of the bath were tiled with glossy pink squares and the floor was laid with a small matte tile in a paler pink hue. The building itself was built in the 1960s and the exterior was a rose-tone brick. The kitchen had very high quality, well-made cabinets which I spray-painted faux finish stone (Yes, I ruined them). The appliances were 70’s bronze. The kitchen flooring and the living room carpet were disgusting and there was nothing I could do about them, so I invested my time in painting and finding furniture for my nest.

Shopping for the home was convenient. Within a half-mile I had Venture, K-Mart, Pier One, JC Penney, Grandpas and Michael’s.

I bought a black vinyl love seat at Pier One. It was squishy and slippery to sit on. I bought an inflatable palm tree to decorate the bath.


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